Recipes Kick’N chicken and noodles

Recipes Kick’N chicken and noodles

Recipes Kick’N chicken and noodles

  1. a single Kick’N chicken seasonings
  2. 1 lb chicken breasts
  3. 3 tbsp butter for sautéing
  4. 1 can Cream of chicken soup
  5. 1 can Ointment of celery soup
  6. a couple of can milk
  7. 16 oz wrong cream
  8. 1 tsp celery salt
  9. a single tsp garlic sodium
  10. 3 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  11. a single packages rottini dinero
  1. Melt butter in a large skillet

  2. Sprinkle kick’N chicken seasonings in the pan

  3. Add chicken to skillet and sauté until cooked through, spinkle the seasonings on the chicken to flavor.

  4. Shred or cut the chicken into bite size pieces.

  5. Pour the soups, milk, sour cream, celery salt and garlic salt into the skillet with the chicken; allow to simmer

  6. Cook the pasta until it’s to your own taste

  7. Rinse pasta and place in a large casserole meal.

  8. Add bag of shredded cheese to the pasta and blend well.

  9. Pour soup, chicken and sour cream over pasta the little bit at a time. You will need to mix pasta with the soup combination to spread evenly.

  10. Pass on cheese over the noodles and location in the oven for 15 in order to 20 minutes. This is just in order to melt the cheese to taste.

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