Recipes H1 Sausage & Peppers w/ Ranch Mashed Potatoes

Recipes H1 Sausage & Peppers w/ Ranch Mashed Potatoes

Recipes H1 Sausage & Peppers w/ Ranch Mashed Potatoes

  1. 5 sweet Italian sausages; cut into fifths
  2. 1/2 C H1 sauce
  3. 1 red bell pepper; large julienne

    1. Cover potatoes with cold, salted drinking water by about 1 inch. Bring in order to a boil. Cook until potatoes are usually easily pierced using a paring knife. Remove. Return potatoes towards the pot. Place more than high heat on stove for thirty seconds while shaking pot to get rid of excess moisture. Remove from heat.

    2. Add butter, ranch dressing, sodium, and black pepper.

    3. High temperature a large saute pan with sufficient oil to cover the bottom.

    4. Add sausage with a small pinch of salt and black spice up. Sear over medium heat until caramelized on first side, about 3 a few minutes. Flip sausages and cook again till caramelized, then remove from pan.

    5. Add enough oil to once again cover the bottom from the pan. Convert heat to high. Add peppers plus onions with a tiny pinch associated with salt. Saute on high for one minute, then reduce heat to moderate. When peppers and onions are almost caramelized, add garlic, pepper flakes, worcestershire sauce, and sausages to pan.

    6. Toss. Cook 1 minute or even until garlic is fragrant.

    7. Add H1 sauce. Reduce heat in order to low. Cook 2 minutes.

    8. Add scallions. Toss. Serve over taters.

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