Recipes Ladybirds “OMG To Good” Chocolate Mousse Slice !

Recipes Ladybirds “OMG To Good” Chocolate Mousse Slice !

Recipes Ladybirds “OMG To Good” Chocolate Mousse Slice !

  1. a single pkt butternut toast – crumbed
  2. 1 tbsp vanilla sugar
  3. 65 grams spread – melted
  4. 200 gr dark chocolate instructions split up
  5. 200 grams milk chocolate – cracked up
  6. 500 ml thickened cream / hefty whipping cream
  7. 1 cocoa powder for dusting
  1. Place a few baking paper into the particular bottom of a rectangular slice tin, leaving 2 of the ends more than laying with baking papers a little and arranged aside till needed.

  2. Process the butternut cookies until fine crumbs.

  3. Melt the butter

  4. Put the biscuits into the bowl and add the vanilla sugar as well as the melted butter and mix till nicely combined

  5. Now location the prepared biscuit combination into the base associated with the prepared slice container spreading it evenly just about all over the tin foundation. Then set in the particular fridge to set while you prepare the mousse mixture.

  6. Put the lotion into a large, clear, dry bowl and mix till soft peaks type.

  7. Brake all the particular chocolate up and location in a large heat-proof bowl and melt, possibly by microwave in a nutshell breasts stirring after each burst open, or, over a container of simmering water, till the chocolate is melted plus smooth, let cool somewhat.

  8. Now gently collapse the whipped cream in to the melted chocolate in 2 batches until will mixed. This May take the little work as the particular chocolate tries to collection.

  9. Once chocolate lotion mix is combined, put it over the ready base biscuit crumbs within the slice tin, equally all over the best. Then place in the particular fridge to set with regard to at least an hr.

  10. Once set, eliminate from your fridge and cautiously slide slice out associated with the slice tin, making use of the baking paper to assist it lift out. In that case using a long clear knife, cut the cut lengthwise a few occasions, then turn and cut lengthwise again creating small squares slices. Keep refrigeratorated until ready to function.

  11. Dust with cacao powder and serve along with cream and toppings of your choice. Enjoy.: -).

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