Recipes Sig’s Mediterranean Bake

Recipes Sig’s Mediterranean Bake

Recipes Sig’s Mediterranean Bake

  1. 5 foliage stems removed darkest ugly cabbage you can acquire, I use cavalero luttuoso
  2. 2 huge Italian lovely, long red peppers
  3. 3 spicy vegetarian or typical chorizo sausages
  4. 3 top quality vegetarian sausages, or about three normal sausages
  5. 2 pieces of vegetarian bacon or perhaps real unsmoked bacon
  6. 150 grams spicy cheese, I actually normally use chilly in addition to apple cheddar
  7. 200 ml fresh full fat whole milk
  8. 1 huge eggs
  9. 2 sheets sac yufka or perhaps 6 sheets of corte pastry
  10. just one tbsp dissolved butter
  11. a couple of tbsp top quality frying vegetable oil tend not to use olive oil
  1. First remove the diet programs leaves of their stems. Discard comes, chop leaves finely and par steam for ten minutes. Drain thoroughly. Arranged aside

  2. In the meantime, chop the sausages, the bacon and even peppers. Grate the cheese.

  3. Now spread the melted butter more than one of the sac yufka pastry sheets or 4 of the corte sheets.

  4. Lay the 2 yuk sheets together on top regarding each other (they are round and intensely large. Normally serve four people). In the event that using filo take two sheets and even butter and stuck together with a new third unbuttered sheet they are generally much smaller and square or rectangular, so you have to overlap all of them and need to make two packages for four people this way

  5. Use a new deep none stick baking pan in order to form a parcel. Place your ready pastry into pan make sure there may be enough pastry to overlap to help make a good sealed parcel. Add most the filling plus the cabbage.

  6. Mix the milk with the for ones and pour over the mixture

  7. Now fold over the factors to seal the parcel well and even chill for at least 15 a few minutes

  8. Gently heat your petrol in frying pan Remove parcel by chiller and turn inverted into baking pan. let the parcel Cook by both sides until it is cooked properly and crispy brown and heated by way of.

  9. This is something in between a pizza and a fritata, inside Turkey it’s called borek.

  10. I served with slow fried the particular smallest amount of oil crispy taters and fresh tomatoes

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