Recipes Braai pap

Recipes Braai pap

The ingredients for making Recipes Braai pap

  1. Pinch aromat
  2. Pinch parsley
  3. 1 diced green pepper
  4. 1 diced yellow pepper
  5. 1 diced red pepper
  6. 1/4 rama margarine

Step-step making Recipes Braai pap

  1. 6 serving

  2. Boil drinking water and pour on your pot

  3. Add your aromat, parsley plus all your diced peppers and margarine

  4. Leave in pot with regard to water to be hot and margarine to melt

  5. Once which is done start adding your mealie meal. I added 4 and 0.5 cups and stirred

  6. Close up pot and leave for 15 moments and stir again.

  7. Your own can serve after another 15 moments