Recipes Apple Yogurt Bowl

Recipes Apple Yogurt Bowl

Recipes Apple Yogurt Bowl

  1. 1 large apple, any kind
  2. 1 carving knife
  3. 1 knife for cutting
  4. 3 tbsp or so of your favorite fruit spread
  5. 1 cup plain yogurt of choice
  1. choose an apple that stands properly by itself. wash and dry apple.

  2. cut the particular top from the apple about 1/4 associated with the way down.

  3. utilizing a metal measuring tea spoon or large melon baller start coring the bottom of the apple. need to take out 3 layers. till you hit the bottom butt of the particular apple. leave side of apple solely. ur only taking out the primary and making it look great and curved. set aside for later.

  4. place the best half apple in ffront of a person. u need ur carving knife. your own gonna cut pointed ovals into the particular apple. 4 of them. each contrary of each other. centered. point cutlery angled making shape is to do same in oposide side. should meet in center and a small wedge should place out. see photos.

  5. the center of the particular apple top will be cored out there. making a round shape with cutlery angled and it should pop best out.

  6. between your pointed ovals your likely to make 2 long verticle cuts. such as a long skinny rectangle. carve those people out.

  7. on the lower half between the particular rectangular cuts and the ovals your own gonna make a really small diamond shape. crop up those out. discard pieces. ur best is ready for show.

  8. fill bottom part of apple with yogurt saving several for later.

  9. then put some fruit pass on on top of yogurt.

  10. place decorative apple company lid off center on top associated with the filled apple cup.

  11. fill the pinted ovals with fruit spread. as well as the middle hole with yogurt.

  12. serve!

  13. hope I exsplained properly enough and the pictures help..

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