Recipes Grandma’s chow chow recipe


Recipes Grandma’s chow chow recipe

Recipes Grandma’s chow chow recipe

  1. 1 **** FOODIEWINO gave me the recipe and then the great aunt gave me personally my great grandmother
  2. 4 large green tomatoes… diced in big chunks
  3. 1 large onions, course reduce
  4. 1 medium head diet programs
  5. 1/4 mug salt
  6. 1/2 tsp tumeric (THIS WILL BE FROM FOODIE)
  7. 2 tbsp pickling spices…. inside a square of cheese cloth linked off
  8. two small very hot peppers… can use much less or more
  9. 3 cup sugar
  10. two 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
  11. a few bell peppers in rainbow colors

Recipes Grandma’s chow chow recipe

  1. Prep the veggies the night just before…

  2. I use my foods processor and pulse small batches. Vegetables should be left in course parts…. Because if not they are going to become mushy when processing.

  3. Put mixture in air tight storage container. Cover with water and sprinkle with 1/4 cup salt and place in fridge over night…

  4. The next day the veggies will be wilty.. Wet cheese cloth and lay inside colander… I pour veggie mixture into colander and thoroughly rinse OFF ALL THE SALT!!!… gather ends of cheese cloth and squeeze… after squeezing out as much liquid as possible… leave sit in colander for about 30 minutes to an hour to drain…

  5. Veggie mixture should have as much liquid as possible removed…

  6. Pour vinegar in a stock pot. add sugar, spice bundle, tumeric. LAY HOT PEPPERS ON TOP…. (The peppers can be minced and added with regard to a hotter mix). Allow to Cook for approx 30 minutes on simmer… So that all the spices blend..

  7. Add veggies and Stir occassionally or until cabbage and tomatoes are tender.

  8. Fill a cannery stock pot about 2/3 full…. let the water get hot..

  9. Remove spice bag and hot peppers from cabbage mixture.

  10. Put jars in hot water to sterilize… about 10 mins… Remove jars and drain…

  11. Spoon chow into sterile jars…. leaving approximately 1/2″ of room in the top of the jar; seal with flat lid and put on ring lid.. do not over tighten.

  12. Put filled jars in hot water bath…. leave them there for 10 minutes…. slight boil… Use canning instruction for waterbath canning

  13. I have a pair of jar tongs that I got in Walmart….

  14. Take them and let cool on a clean towel. on the counter. at this point tighten the outer ring of the jar.