Recipes Deep Fried Cajun Catfish Fingers


Recipes Deep Fried Cajun Catfish Fingers

Recipes Deep Fried Cajun Catfish Fingers

  1. 2 pounds catfish fillets, thicker kinds
  2. 2 cup flour, My partner and i used bread flour but regular white colored flour will do fine.
  3. 1 alot of premade cajun seasoner, your favorite brand or make they are own
  4. 1 vegetable petrol,. enough to completely cover and serious fry your fish.
  5. 1 pepper to taste

Recipes Deep Fried Cajun Catfish Fingers

  1. in the pot preheat oil till hot. or use the deep fryer, I simply don’t have one.

  2. rinse catfish and enable drain, do not dab dry.

  3. cut catfish into finger size strips.

  4. arrange on to a plate and spread allot of the cajun seasoning to them. its your own choice on how a lot but i like spend.. see photo.. ( We don’t really measure this particular part)

  5. place flour right into a big bowl or even gallon sized zipper handbag.

  6. place catfish in to flour and sprinkle a few more cajun stuff upon them. not as a lot as last time. simply a bit to obtain the parts that avoid have any.: )

  7. toss to coating fish fully in the particular flour.

  8. drop catfish fingers into your very hot oil.. make sure not in order to crowd them.

  9. smolder until browned and sharp.

  10. transfer in order to paper towel lined dish.

  11. immedietly add the bit more cajun plus pepper to taste.

  12. serve!

  13. I serve mine along with seasoned curly fries plus fresh sliced cucumber.

  14. serves about 3-4 individuals unless your really starving!; )