Recipes High Heel Cupcakes


Recipes High Heel Cupcakes

Recipes High Heel Cupcakes

  1. 1 box cake mix
  2. 2 Various Flavored Frostings
  3. 1 packages Milano cookies
  4. 1 can Rolled wafer cookies — ie., Pirouline
  5. 1 coloured icing w/decorating tips
  6. 1 packages decorative cupcake liners
  7. 1 All types associated with decorating toppings
  8. 1 packages dark chocolate – any kind of kind it doesn’t possess to be Bakers chocolates

Recipes High Heel Cupcakes

  1. Bake cupcakes as directed on dessert box. IMPORTANT – Allow to interesting completely before icing and decorating.

  2. Here’s where the fun starts.

  3. Prepare the cupcakes regarding assembly by slicing an angled gap to 1 side of the cupcake wherever the Milano cookie gets inserted.

  4. The Milano cookies are utilized for the sole of the footwear. The rolled wafer cookies are utilized as the heel.

  5. Dissolve 2-3 bars of chocolate in the particular microwave only until melted.

  6. Here’s where a light touch is usually needed. With a serrated knife thoroughly and lightly slice the wafer dessert in half. My heels measured almost two 1/2″. Next you will slice the particular tip of the cut end from an angle. This is so the particular Milano cookie rests at the angled part. It’s ok to not know this until you see how the particular heel fits to the angle associated with the cookie. You may have to adjust the duration by shaving the angled end straight down little by little.

  7. Drop the flat end of the wafer cookie into the melted chocolate in addition to stand in a bowl to dry out. Sometimes I needed to prop all of them up. To prevent them from sticking with the dish – before they dry out completely lay heels on their aspect with chocolate dipped end hanging more than the edge. I use a slicing board.

  8. Frost cupcakes in addition to using the tip of your cutlery feel the location where the hole is for the particular Milano cookie. Insert cookie.

  9. Dip the angled end of the particular wafer cookie in chocolate and put to the sole of the Milano cookie. You may have to dip it in dark chocolate a few times to get sufficient chocolate on the end. I believe I dipped it about 3 periods. Let it rest to form the bond. Do this with all the particular cupcakes because by the time you are ready to decorate the first cupcake’s high heel should be secured.

  10. Allow your imagination run wild with designing.