Recipes Momma’s Homemade Dumplings for CHICKEN and DUMPLINGS


Recipes Momma’s Homemade Dumplings for CHICKEN and DUMPLINGS

Recipes Momma’s Homemade Dumplings for CHICKEN and DUMPLINGS

  1. dumplings
  2. 4 cup almost all purpose flour
  3. 1 tsp baking powder
  4. 1/2 tsp onion OR garlic powder (optional)
  5. one tsp salt
  6. 1/2 mug shortnening or lard
  7. 0.5 cup chicken broth (atleast room tenp
  8. broth
  9. one ***** 6 cups associated with FLAVORFUL CHICKEN BROTH from my profile…
  10. 1/2 can cream associated with chicken soup

Recipes Momma’s Homemade Dumplings for CHICKEN and DUMPLINGS

  1. Mix almost all dry ingredients together… you are able to sift them together if you want….

  2. Add broth… 1 cup…. and after that add another 1/2 mug a little each time… oughout may not need this all..

  3. Blend until it the ball of dough….

  4. I wrap mine within plastic wrap…. place it within Ziploc bag and refrigerate…

  5. I create it about 2-3 times before the holiday.. whenever your ready sit away dough for about thirty minutes and allow it to obtain room temp..

  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  7. Reduce the dough evenly in to. 3 pieces…..

  8. Lightly flour your projects surface area and rub your going pin with flour

  9. Roll the money out to 1/4″ solid….. dust lightly with flour…. cut dough into rectangular dumplings..

  10. 2. to freeze put some wax paper on the cookie sheet… put dumplings around the wax paper….. place some wax paper upon the top. and after that lay another single coating of dumplings… keep duplicating this procedure… mine sometimes is 4-5 layers higher….

  11. Roll away more dough…. and our own on wax paper….. perform this til ALL THE PARTICULAR DOUGH…. is rolled out…. We only do 1/3 associated with the dough at the time because it is easier in order to. handle….

  12. Place a sheet of waxpaper on the top in order to keep dumplings from drying out out while they freeze out….

  13. ** due to the fact I have an disability… I make these and freeze for the vacations…

  14. After freezing I put the dumplings in a freezer handbag….. sprinkle flour lightly upon top of dumplings and shake freezer bag till lightly coated…

  15. ~~~~~~~~~~~ chicken and dumplings!!!

  16. Put one cup of cold poultry broth in reserve

  17. Heat the remainder of the FLAVOFUL CHICKEN BROTH….. add cream associated with chicken soup. bring in order to a boil….. add dumplings… ONE AT A TIME…. or they will certainly stick right into a mess!!!!

  18. Take 2 TBSP of flour and blend in broth u remaining reserved should be chilly…. mix with fork till flour is dissolved…. include to hot dumplings…. mix to thinken let prepare for a couple of minutes… dumplings ought to be done…

  19. * again because associated with my impairment I create dumplings by large amounts and freeze…… I give food to children of 4….. 2 times with this particular dumpling formula….

  20. Only make use of about 1/2 of the particular batch of the dumplings for a family associated with 4….