Recipes Wifey McMuffin


Recipes Wifey McMuffin

Recipes Wifey McMuffin

  1. 4 Ovum
  2. 4 Sausage Patties
  3. 4 slice of cheddar parmesan cheese
  4. 1 package corn coup mix

Recipes Wifey McMuffin

  1. Crack your eggs in a muffin tin full the abandoned holes with water place these people in the preheated oven for 12-15 minutes or until firm

  2. While they are mineral water cook your patties

  3. Make your corn muffin mixture according to the box

  4. Your eggs should n complete by now remove by the oven

  5. Squirt a separate muffin tray if possible larger muffins with non make meals spray

  6. Spoon a tablespoon of hammer toe muffin mix in the underside with the new muffin tin

  7. Trim your sausage to be able to fit nicely in the nourriture tin on top, of your respective hammer toe muffin mix

  8. Start your cheese this is each of our fav it melts so excellent

  9. Place and some sort of piece of cheese broken inside of half on top of typically the sausage

  10. Place the egg together with the cheese

  11. Cover all that mixture with the corn muffin mixture

  12. Bake 20 a few minutes or u till golden brown leafy

  13. Take out and plate (they were really crumble if that makes impression so b sure to permit them cool and be very careful removing from the tin)

  14. Eat up and DELIGHT IN: )