Recipes Slightly Formal French Style Anpan


Recipes Slightly Formal French Style Anpan

Recipes Slightly Formal French Style Anpan

  1. Ingredients For the Batter:
  2. 150 grams ☆all-purpose flour (lys d’or brand)
  3. 6 grams ☆sugar
  4. 3 grams ☆salt
  5. 10 grams ☆black sesame seeds
  6. 1/2 grams dry yeast
  7. 96 grams water
  8. 6 grams sunflower oil (olive oil is okay too) For the Filling:
  9. 120 grams chunky an bean paste
  10. Toppings:
  11. 6 salt-preserved sakura blossoms (optional)

Recipes Slightly Formal French Style Anpan

  1. For the sakura plants, soak in water to bring out the saltiness. Then dried well with paper towels.

  2. ■ Throughout a kneading bowl add typically the ☆ ingredients in and blend effectively. Then add in the thrush and blend again.

  3. Mixture this particular and oil together using a spatula and once merged, add it in the middle involving the dough in the rubbing bowl. Flatten the dough using your fist and then rub the dough rapidly by transferring your fist throughout the bowl.

  4. When the dough turns into elastic and the bowl is actually shiny again, (knead for on the subject of 5 minutes) form the cash into a ball and permit it rest in a cozy place for 2~30 minutes.

  5. ■ For the first of all rising, gently punch down typically the dough and form it straight into a nice ball. Next, make it possible for the dough triple in proportion and even be careful that the cash doesn’t dry out.

  6. Once as if this, it’s performed.

  7. ■ Transfer typically the dough into a flour dusted area, divide the dough into 6th portions (one should be 43 g), and gently form that into balls. Be mindful again certainly not to let it dry outside then let them rest intended for 20 minutes.

  8. ※ While the dough is regenerating, take the anko paste and even divide it into sixths. Carefully form it into balls. Cover your baking tray gently using oil.

  9. ■ Spot the dough on top involving a flat surface with typically the seam facing upwards. Gently throw the dough out by forcing down with the palm of your respective hand.

  10. Place typically the ball of anko paste inside of the center and then work with both of your palms inside of a circular motion to throw the dough up.

  11. Pinch the seam and in close proximity it tightly.

  12. You can put dough seam down in typically the muffin tray. Push down using your finger to bring even more of the dough into exposure to the tray.

  13. ■ Have the dough rise some sort of second moment careful not to be able to let it dry out. Find a better time to preheat your range to 200°C. I think really a good idea to need your pan heat up seeing that well with the oven.

  14. It should rise to be able to about this amount! It in the event that rises to the top involving the tray, that’s fine also.

  15. This is precisely what as if from the side.

  16. You can put sakura blossoms in top! ♪

  17. ■ Place a sheet of parchment paper over the tray…

  18. Place the tray inside of the oven and then spot another tray above like as a result.

  19. Bake for 13 minutes at 200°C. How much moment needed to bake can change per oven, so keep the eye on them and adapt as you see necessary.

  20. They should come out and about looking like this. The coloring isn’t very bright, but for find that you would have to be able to bake at the lower temperature.

  21. The lining looks like this kind of. It’s a bit thin while dough but it’s fluffy. When they cool, store them inside of a resealable plastic bag♪

  22. ✿✿✿✿

  23. ■ An update in the bread rising steps. Conduct the first rising at 16°C in a torobako (styrofoam field employed for fish) for 3 several hours and 30 minutes. For typically the second rising, take action for twelve minutes at 35°C then make it possible for it sit in the extra heat for 20 minutes.

  24. About typically the 3 1/2 hour rising. This kind of gives it to be able to chill totally. Well… I guess it happens to be only because I prefer to permit the dough rise slowly, although do since you please.