Recipes Paella


Recipes Paella

Recipes Paella

  1. 375 grms chicken
  2. 250 grams rabbit
  3. 400 grams rice with high amount of starch
  4. 250 grams French efficient beans, spending chopped in 2 centimeter. pieces
  5. 150 grams artichokes, clean and cut into quarters
  6. a hundred grams grated tomato
  7. two clove garlic
  8. 2 liters water
  9. 10 strands of saffron
  10. 1 enough olive oil
  11. 1 enough salt
  12. 1 whitening strips of roasted red pepper, for ornament

Recipes Paella

  1. Chop the chicken plus the rabbit. Add some salt.

  2. Pour the particular oil in the pan in addition to heat it.

  3. Once the oil is warm, saute the meat until this gets a bit brown.

  4. Add the particular French green beans. In this specific point you can add the particular red pepper if it’s uncooked.

  5. Include the artichokes and saute just about all. Add some salt again.

  6. Add the particular chopped garlic. Be careful this doesn’t get burnt.

  7. Add the roughly grated tomato, stir it and bond until it is almost evaporated.

  8. Place the saffron in foil make it very close to the particular fire for 10 seconds.

  9. Add the particular water to the paella.

  10. Give large heat to the paella till it boils. Then give medium sized heat towards the paella until just about all ingredients are cooked (from 35 to 45 minutes). It will depend mostly on the tenderness regarding the meat.

  11. Taste the paella in addition to rectify the salt if desired. Add the saffron.

  12. Reserve some broth at a later time, like 1/2 liter.

  13. Increase the particular intensity of heat and include the rice.

  14. Spread the rice about the pan so that this is well distributed. Don’t mix or touch it since this specific moment.

  15. Maintain high heat for 12 minutes.

  16. Gradually lower the heat regarding a couple of minutes. If you need several broth, add it from the particular one you reserved before. When you don’t have broth, include some water using a pinch regarding salt.

  17. Take the paella from the temperature and let it rest regarding 5 minutes.

  18. If the rice demands a bit more cook, include it with foil although it is sleeping.

  19. Today you can eat it.