Recipes Easy! American Cookies


Recipes Easy! American Cookies

Recipes Easy! American Cookies

  1. 200 gr Cake flour
  2. 100 gr Butter
  3. 100 grams Sugar
  4. 1 As soon as possible
  5. 2 tbsp Heavy ointment
  6. 1 dash Vanilla herb
  7. 1 bar Chocolate rod
  8. 60 grams Nuts (whatever you like)

Recipes Easy! American Cookies

  1. Mix the particular butter until it offers a cream-like consistency.

  2. Add sugar and blend well.

  3. Put in a crushed egg little by small and blend it all inside (It will separate in case you add everything in once, so add the bit and mix plus repeat).

  4. Add the particular cream and blend everything with each other.

  5. Add the flour and mix gently without having kneading.

  6. It’s good if it ends upward a little floury like within the photo. You may add vanilla extract right here if you like.

  7. Roughly split up the nut products and chocolate.

  8. In that case mix them into the particular dough.

  9. Even though this was a bit floury in coordination 6, make certain you mix it in order to a good consistency right here.

  10. Use a tea spoon shed pieces of the particular dough onto a cooking sheet lined with parchment paper.

  11. Make use of the back again of a fork in order to flatten them, and cook in a 170 (340) oven for 15-20 short minutes.

  12. That’s it!