Recipes Baked Chicken (or Turkey)


Recipes Baked Chicken (or Turkey)

Recipes Baked Chicken (or Turkey)

  1. one large chicken
  2. 1 stick smooth butter
  3. 1 large baking bag
  4. two tsp flour
  5. 1 salt plus pepper
  6. 1 garlic powder
  7. 1 moderate onion
  8. two stalks of oatmeal

Recipes Baked Chicken (or Turkey)

  1. wash chicken.

  2. rub chicken breast with 1/2 the butter.

  3. LIBERALLY sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic clove powder both outside and inside hole.

  4. cut onion into sectors and celery into 6″ peices

  5. put onion and celery plus remaining butter in cavity

  6. put flour in baking bag plus put chicken in bag. Pierce four holes in bag.

  7. cook at 375° for 45 min

  8. I personally use this for Thanksgiving since there are only 4 of all of us… not enough for a Turkey.

  9. *** if you bake within oven, without baking bag then place in roaster, or cover pan firmly with aluminum foil until the final 30 minutes. keeping the chicken protected allows the juices to run down again on the bird and self pan assisting to keep the breast meat through drying out.

  10. *** when not using a baking bag get 1 coffee cup of cold drinking water and 3T of flour and defeat with fork. until. flour is blended….. pour in the bottom of cooking pan…