Recipes Hashbrown Potato Rounds


Recipes Hashbrown Potato Rounds

Recipes Hashbrown Potato Rounds

  1. 5 lb bag idaho potatoes
  2. 5 tbsp bacon grease
  3. 1 salt and pepper to taste

Recipes Hashbrown Potato Rounds

  1. peel next rinse potatoes.

  2. slice potatoes thin in addition to blot with paper shower towels to eliminate excess moisture.

  3. heat bacon grease inside the bottom of a new large skillet with a new lid.

  4. spot sliced potatoes on leading.

  5. add salt in addition to pepper.

  6. position lid on potatoes in addition to cook on medium/high temperature for ten minutes.

  7. scrape up and switch potatoes. replace lid. in addition to cook for 15 minutes. flipping every 5 mins. ( when removing top let the water/condensation drop into the skillet. )

  8. remove lid in addition to cook another 10 minutes.. still flipping every a few min.

  9. get rid of from heat and assist.

  10. enjoy!

  11. u can also increase nearly any form of various meats to this as okay. or serve alongside your current meal.

  12. assists 4-5 people.